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Frequently Asked Questions
In this section of our City`s Website, we aim to provide answers to questions that often come up in the City of Newcastle.

Check here first for an answer to your question. If you can`t find the answer you are looking for, get in touch with one of the members of the city staff for further assistance.
Q:Who are on my City Boards? Q: Who is on my Volunteer Fire Department?  
Doug Sankey - President
Debbi Piper - Treasurer
Christopher Gray - Secretary
Naomi Miglia - Member at Large
Brenda Clarke - Member at Large
Allen Von Eye - Member at Large
Bill Wright - Member at Large
Beau Gregory- Member at Large
Mark Sylte - Accountant/Auditor

Christie Wornkey-Chariman
Mike Mills
Shirley Harder
Paul Bombeck
Fire Chief - Donny Munger
Assistant Fire Chief - Austin Baker
Secretary - Chris Kenney
Treasurer - Greg Gregory
1st Captain - Clarence `Nub` Baker
2nd Captain - James Curren
3rd Captain - Austin Baker
4th Captain - Nick Brooks

Safety Officers
Craig Bruch; Jim Hanson; Lynn Busskohl;
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