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Welcome to Newcastle, Wyoming
`On the 25th day of October 1889, the application of J.L. Baird and the thirty residents and electors of the Territory of Wyoming hereinafter mentioned, has this day been presented to this Board of County Commissioners of Crook County...`

AND SO the City of Newcastle, WY was born. Now located in Weston County, since a county split from Crook County in May of 1890, Newcastle now boasts over 3500 in population. This size allows the city to have many of the amenities of a larger city and yet maintain the friendly, small-town atmosphere.

There are three new schools in the city as well as a first-class aquatic center. The high school and grade school were completed in 2002. The student population in these three schools is: high school - 278; middle school - 192 and elementary - 345, allowing for good student-teacher ratios.

An active chamber of commerce and retail association provide for ample opportunities for business. The healthy Wyoming economy provides abundant opportunities for employment. The relative low cost of living in Newcastle, as compared to other areas in Wyoming, gives the resident the best of both worlds.

Within easy driving distance of several major medical centers and with good local medical care, our small town is an excellent place to retire. Abundant opportunities for recreation abound. Hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and hiking in the adjacent Black Hills are wonderful available pastimes. A regular sight might even be a bald eagle! The beautiful grasslands to the west and south, and the western hospitality and way of life are a great draw for those interested in a western lifestyle.

Newcastle is an excellent place to live and work and we welcome all new residents and visitors as well!
From the Mayor
Thank you citizens of Newcastle and Weston County

Thank you for being responsible
Thank you for practicing social distancing
Thank you for staying home when at all possible
Thank you for not traveling out of State
Thank you for being respectful of our Governor`s state-wide public health orders

Thank you for supporting our local restaurants by using curb-side service
Thank you for supporting our local grocery stores and being safe while shopping
Thank you for helping your neighbors

Because we are such a caring and supportive community, we will make it through this unusual and difficult time together.

God Bless,
Mayor Deb Piana
10 W. Warwick
Newcastle, WY 82701
Phone: (307) 746-3535 FAX: (307) 746-3546
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