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Newcastle Police Department
Welcome to the Newcastle Police Department. We are pleased to provide this means of access to our department as a public service to our community.

On November 19, 1889 Mayor Frank Mondell presented the name of James Swisher to be appointed as Marshall of the Town of Newcastle, Wyoming Territory. Mr. Swisher was elected by unanimous vote of the Council and from this first marshal position the police department of the City of Newcastle was born.

The Newcastle Police Department has a staff of seven sworn police officers and seven dispatchers. All officers and dispatchers are POST certified and trained through the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy.

The dispatch center is under the governing authority of the City Council but runs dispatch services as a City/County dispatch. The dispatchers provide communication services for city police, county sheriff and deputies, the Newcastle Volunteer Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, as well as the Osage and Upton, WY Police and Fire Departments.

Both aspects of the Newcastle Police Department seek to protect and serve the public through providing the highest level of public safety while protecting the rights and dignity of the public.

The police department provides services to the public through a School Resource Officer located at the Weston County School District #1 schools. Another public service is provided through the Community Service Officer who assists the public with dog ordinances, as well as weed control and snow removal issues.
Police Officers: Dispatchers:
Chief Jim Owens (N1)
Sgt. Richard Hillhouse (N2)
Corp. Levi Tacy (N3)
Detective Brandon Vaughn (N4)
Officer Peg Miles (N5)
Officer Derek Smellie (N8)
Officer Casey Lehr (N7)
Officer Kellie Moran (N8)
Community Service Officer Hunter Vaughn
Communications Sgt Melissa Stubbs (C1)
Communications Cpl (C2)
Dispatcher Cathy McMeekin (C3)
Dispatcher Kami Erland (C4)
Dispatcher Tonia Mills (C5)
Dispatcher Genell Rothleutner (C6)
Dispatcher Deb Mills (C7)

Application for Employment by the City of Newcastle Police Department

To download the application form, please click here >>

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