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Public Works Department
In the early 1890s the Mayor of Newcastle and the City Council authorized the Newcastle Water Works to provide water for fire suppression and both domestic and business use for the good of the citizens of the Town of Newcastle. This humble beginning has developed into the fine City Public Works Department of Newcastle which provides utilities to all the residents within the city limits of the municipality.

The City Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining sewer, water, streets, cemetery, parks and landfill infrastructure owned by the city.
The City Public Works Department consists of certified public water and wastewater system operators, CDL licensed machinery operators, a mechanic and a certified arborist.
The fifteen member department provides water, sewer and garbage service to the citizens along with street maintenance and snow removal. The City Engineer is in charge of the department with a Public Works supervisor running the day to day operations. Two supervisors assist in all areas of the department.
Snow Removal Policy

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Greg Stumpff, Public Works Supervisor
(307) 746-2882

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